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      Thursday, February 26, 2015
Exchange Students
Requirements for Admission


Application Forms

Fees and calendars

If you are studying at an accredited university and are willing to spend one or more semesters at the Ibero in Mexico City as an exchange student, we shall be pleased to welcome you. Nominated students from one of our partner universities won’t pay application or tuition fee (up to 6 courses per semester). If your institution doesn’t have an exchange agreement with us, we can consider your application as a Study Abroad student. Study Abroad students pay application and tuition fees according to the number of courses they wish to take.

Students from one of our partner universities are required to hand in the following documents. The application and the documents should be sent by the international office of the student’s home institution:

          •   Filled out application form
          •   Official academic record/transcript from the home university
          •   A copy of the student’s passport (for non-Mexican citizens)
          •   3 photos (3 ½ x 4 ½ cm approx.)
          •   A certificate of good health
          •   A copy of a medical insurance policy that covers the student’s stay in Mexico

Study Abroad students are required to hand in the same documentation and additionally make a payment of $65 US-dollars for the non-refundable Study Abroad Application Fee. Please consult the Ibero Study Guide for details on the payment of application fees and tuition.


For non-native Spanish speakers a written Spanish Placement Test is required, unless the student presents the Superior Diploma of Spanish (issued by the Cervantes Institute) or an equivalent proof of language skills. This test will take place at the Ibero the day before the orientation sessions start:

  • On January 7 (spring 2013)
  • On May 24 (summer session 2013)
  • And on July 31 (fall 2013)


Mexican immigration and visa laws are complex and are subject to frequent modifications. In this section, we will provide you with some general information on immigration procedures and the necessity to apply for a student visa before your departure to Mexico.

At the moment, the Mexican immigration law is undergoing a process of modification, and there will be new regulations in 2013. It’s important for you to ask at the Mexican embassy or consulate in your home country about current legislation for citizens of your nationality. You can also consult the homepage of the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración = Mexican migration authority) for further information: http://www.inami.gob.mx.


In general, all foreign students who wish to study in Mexico need to count with a student visa. You have to apply for this visa prior to your departure at the Mexican embassy in your home country.

In order to apply for a student visa, you have to make an appointment at the Mexican embassy or consulate in your home country, and hand in a special letter addressed to the Mexican embassy there (together with some additional documents you will be asked for by the embassy). This letter certifies that you have been accepted as exchange student, and will be sent by the Ibero to your home university together with the original letter of acceptance. The process of issuing a student visa takes several weeks. This is why it is important that the Ibero receives the students' application form and documentation as soon as possible, so that we can send the letter for the Mexican embassy on time.

Please tell us in advance if you are planning to study for one or two semesters at the Ibero, so that we can send you the adequate letter for the embassy!


When entering Mexico, all foreigners have to fill out a migration form at the airport (FMM = Multiple Migratory Form). The FMM is given to the traveler by the airline during the flight. You have to fill out the blue/left hand side and the green/upper right hand side of the form. A migration officer at the Mexico City airport will request the FMM and your passport, and ask you about your purpose of coming to Mexico. Various options are listed on the pink/lower right part of the form which is for official use only (don't fill out that part!). The migration officer will choose one of these options, tear off the pink/right hand side of the form, stamp the back portion, write in the number of days of validity of the FMM, and give you this portion.

The part of the FMM you are given to by the migration officer is your legal permit to be in Mexico and must be handed in at the airport upon departure from Mexico at the end of your exchange stay. Failure to present this original form will result in a fine and delays upon departure. The student must turn in a photocopy of the FMM to the Student Mobility Office and keep the original FMM in a safe place. You should also make a photocopy of the FMM in order to have it hand in your backpack or wallet.

Important: Students with 180-days visa who leave and re-enter Mexico during their stay (for short vacations, for example) have to hand in their FMM form at the airport upon departure from Mexico, and are given a new FMM upon return. In this case, you are required to turn in a copy of your new FMM to the Student Mobility Office immediately.

Those students who count with a 1-year visa receive a foreigners identity card (FM3) at the beginning of their stay in Mexico, and lose their FMM form. Once they have received their FM3, they can leave and re-enter Mexico without problems during their study stay, and without the above described obligations.


After arriving to Mexico with a student visa, all international students have to do an additional step with the Mexican migration authorities:

    -Students with a 1-year visa have to exchange their FMM form for a foreigners identity card (FM3), and register at the National Foreigners' Register within the first 30 days after their arrival to Mexico.
    -Students with a 180-days student visa have to register at the National Foreigners' Register within the first 30 days after their arrival to Mexico.

It is highly important that these steps are done within 30 days after your arrival to Mexico. Students who don't comply with these obligations may be fined by the federal government. The cost of the registration to the National Foreigners' Register is $750 pesos.

The Ibero International Office offers its help to comply with all migration obligations. During a special information session, we will explain you all the necessary steps and the process you have to follow. We will also give you all the forms you have to hand in to the INM and help you to fill them out. A legal representative of the Ibero can take your documentation and passport to the INM if you wish.

As you could observe in this section, there are many details to consider when entering Mexico as exchange student. In order to be able to guide you, we will ask you to turn in your passport and your FMM to us during the introduction session, so that we can analyze your migration status. We will return your documents at the beginning of the week after, indicating the exact steps for you to follow.

The Iberoamericana University is responsible for the legal migration status of its international students. Any student who does not comply with the above mentioned required registration processes will be dropped as exchange student and will not receive any transcript or credits for work done. No refunds of tuition fees will be made to the student in that case.

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